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How we do it

We take time to understand your business and how crowdfunding can help your growth and long-term goals. If crowdfunding is right for you, we use our tested methodology to construct every component of your campaign from video production to a marketing strategy. 
Crowdfunding Strategy

We work to craft a unique approach for your campaign to ensure you're appealing to the right crowd.

Fulfilment Planning

Delivering your rewards can be a taxing process. We use our product and manufacturing expertise to support your fulfilment.

Marketing and PR Support

Building your network is vital to a successful campaign. We help you increase your brand’s exposure and put a conversion strategy in place to boost funding.

Campaign Design & Management

We know how to build successful campaigns and can create every component including video production, copy writing and graphic design.

We make your campaign stand out.

Crowdfunding gives you a unique opportunity to tell your story to thousands of potential investors. We help you refine that story to capture their attention and engage your crowd. We offer a variety of services for campaign construction.

  • Video Storyboarding & Production

  • Copy Writing and Content Creation

  • Photography and Graphic Design

  • Reward Option and Fulfilment Assistance

Advice with academic rigour

We’ve published papers on crowdfunding and spoken at academic conferences all over the world. For several years we’ve conducted studies and experiments and now we’ve formed a proven method for creating successful campaigns.


Average time a potential backer watches your video for (1)


of failed campaigns reach less than 20% of their goal (2)

[2] H.Forbes & D, Schaefer “Guidelines for Successful Crowdfunding” (2017) DOI: 10.1016/j.procir.2017.02.021

Expert Crowdfunding Workshops

As well as campaign management, we also inform and educate on crowdfunding via workshops and seminars.

If you feel your organisation would benefit from a better understanding of crowdfunding, we offer a range of options of varied length and interactivity. Depending on your needs of the session, we can explain the fundamentals of crowdfunding and the crowdfunding industry as well as offering actionable takeaways for creating a successful campaign.

We craft these sessions based on your organisation’s requirements to ensure they are tailored and offer the most benefit.

Case Studies

Browse through some of our most recent client work.

  • Successfully Funded

    The Sports Edit

    We provided The Sports Edit with flexible expert advice and guidance sessions, as and when needed. This included the creation of a campaign project plan, introductions to investors and weekly strategy sessions. The Crowdcube round ended with £930,307 raised, overfunding their target by 43%.

  • Successfully Crowdfunded

    BYP Network

    We worked with BYP Network to raise an exceptional £896,947 or 178% of the target on Seedrs. Prior to launch we provided an face-to-face strategy workshop, a crowdfunding project plan, and regular strategy sessions. We were also able to work alongside Seedrs in a close partnership leading up to launch, and provided expert advice throughout the campaign.

  • Successfully Funded

    Farm Urban

    The Funding Crowd managed a full crowdfunding strategy for Farm Urban. They began with no existing marketing or sales infrastructure but with The Funding Crowd’s strategy, managed to raised £25,000 in only 3 weeks.

  • Successfully Funded

    The Busking Project

    The Funding Crowd managed a full crowdfunding strategy for The Busking Project over a 4 month period. This included implementing an investor resource management system, a content calendar and providing one-on-one consultancy. The project raised 108% of its target with no ad spend.

  • Successfully Funded

    Kitu Kali

    Kitu Kali hand-make vibrant smart casual shoes that empower African communities. Every shoe is made by artisans based in the Kibera Slums and made with locally sourced materials. Kitu Kali train local people in traditional shoe making and use the profit from their shoes to give back to the community. The Funding Crowd worked with Kitu Kali to prepare and launch their Kickstarter campaign for £10000. We created the storyboard used for their campaign video, the copy and graphic design for their project description and assisted in creating the marketing and PR strategy. Furthermore, to ensure the Kibera workshop was able to manage the campaign demands, The Funding Crowd ensured their supply chain was optimised.

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